Public Schools Vs Charter Schools

I believe public funds should go to public education, not for profit charter schools. Los fondos p├║blicos no deben tener un destino privado.

- Our tax dollars should be improving our schools, and improving the quality of education that students receive; not to be used for handouts to companies who are more worried about the bottom line than our children's future. Please read my article Privatization of Education in Florida published by El Nuevo Herald on May 21st, 2014 and posted in my blog Economy Recovery.

- I believe that a strong public education system is necessary to grow help up the middle class. As jobs become more demanding, the only way to compete is to have a top tier education system.

- I will advocate for the restoration of the funds that were taken form the Bright Futures Scholarship program. We should be sending our best students to college, not burdening them debt ot denyng tham the ability to continue their education.